The Main Ingredient for Peace Amongst Women: Accountability?

1 год 1 нед. назад #183 от Ustina Molyanova
Respect: the feeling of deep admiration for a person or their abilities. Usually, the powerful word “respect” is associated with us feeling admiration for a certain individual in our lives, but have we ever considered that individual to be ourselves? We go throughout our daily lives and pay attention to the actions of everyone but ourselves, but often we forget the power that we hold.
Generally, respect is a very broad topic. However, the area that requires so much attention is women! Have you ever noticed, whether it be social media or moments in your every day life, how much hate is spread by women to women? I am extremely surprised that there is so much mutual respect in the world, yet hate seems to be in every little hole. How come? What needs to change? Good question.
Self-respect amongst women is an avoided topic mostly because most forget that we, well, simply have more odds stacked against us. While fighting against every obstacle standing in our way, we forget to hold ourselves accountable for pushing forward the progress of our gender collectively. When respect turns into jealousy and envy, you have to hold yourself accountable for disrupting and bringing down the supportive global community of women behind you.
Once you hold yourself accountable, you instantly gain self-respect. Also, you are letting yourself and others know that you have enough respect for yourself to set you up to be more successful. Once you set yourself up to only spread positivity and be an advocate for peace and mutual respect, you will start to see how this will lead you to a better life. After all, you owe it to yourself.

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