Gluing the Gender Pay Gap Together

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The gender pay gap has been a growing global issue for women and it is time to solve it once and for all. Not only is it discouraging to younger women, but also immoral and unethical to current female employees in the workforce. However, how did this issue even come to exist?
It all ages back to parental roles thousands of centuries ago, where the men would do more physical work and earn money while women would babysit the kids and complete their other motherly duties. Ever since certain stereotypes emerged, men and women have been funneled into different industries according to their gender. However, within their certain specialties, men still get paid more regardless of the field. Do you understand why this is particularly upsetting to women?
Furthermore, a male’s annual salary is 21% higher than a woman’s annual salary when both genders work the same job. If the statistics are so evident, why is this issue still being overlooked and ignored? Not only is this damaging to the female working community in general, but it also discourages younger women who are starting to explore the workforce as early as 14 years old. This imposes challenges on young women, who start to experience the direct effects of the gender pay gap in real-world situations. Even though this is the reality that all women entering the workforce experience, it can be slowly reversed.
In cases of injustice or unfairness, always speak up about what is bothering you. It might not be the most comfortable conversation to have, however you will be advocating for a better future not only for you but half of the global population. With this, you will also be setting a prime example of how to battle inequality step by step to women of all ages, thus raising their hope and expectations more, ultimately encouraging them to strive for greater achievements.
It is important to neglect your feelings of embarrassment and stand up for equal treatment amongst all genders, and encourage teamwork and collaboration instead of competition and conflict not only within certain workforces but in organizations around the whole globe.

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