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This may look a difficult question for many people, but some people find the answer and live happy. So everyone has his or her idea about what life is all about. A believer’s view of life may look different from a nonbeliever’s. The meaning of life for a believer is to connect his/her life to God and serve Him in every part of life. For a nonbeliever, the purpose of life may be to strive for success in this life--just because a person may not believe in a higher power doesn't mean is life is devoid of purpose. In a universal sense, I think the best was to live life to its fullest is to experience what you love, and to feel passion for the things that you love. I'm not talking about just material wealth. I'm not talking just about happiness. I'm talking about having a feeling of accomplishment in your life, even if it means that you have to pass through some areas of difficulties to get it. 

There are many moments to discuss about and I'm open to counsel you about purpose or meaning of life. Having many years experience in helping people to find right answer for their personal life concretely, I invite you to use this chance to leverage my skills and knowledge for your benefit at an online consultation just order it at

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Wish you all the best!

Yours Nicolae Cirpala, writer.

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