Nicolae Cirpala Обсуждение начал участник Nicolae Cirpala, по 28.05.2018 10:38
Join today and Pray with Nick for God’s help to finish military conflict and build durable peace in Ukraine by 31 August 2018.
Amen – Aju!!!
-Dear Brothers and Sisters globally, I invite you, your family and friends to join our daily prayer, visionary, meditation and devotions meetings where any human being globally could join our prayer group and pray daily at 21.00- your local time (or join our every hour prayer vigil during the 24h) at IVAcademy 24/7 prayer church.
-Together we could change the world and build Heavenly Kingdom CIG in every part of the world much faster even by 2020 by praying, witnessing about God our Heavenly parent and messiah to all humankind.
-Please post you prayer requests daily on the group wall to be included in prayer list by 21.00 on Prayer Wall: or message us!
Your brother Nick.
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