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Nicolae Cirpala has more than 21 years of experience in designing, implementation and monitoring of various development and business projects. He took internships and works in 15 countries, meeting thousands of people per day, raising constantly his qualification. Additionally, he organized hundreds of trainings, conferences and projects in different areas of life.

As author are writing self-help, self-improvement, visionary, predictions, faith, global peace building books - books for life and business. He is giving presentations about it as guest speaker at international seminars and conferences. References: internet search Nicolae Cirpala.
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Wikipedia Nicolae Cirpala is the director of IVAcademy, an academy he founded in 2008 in Chisinau, Moldova. Nicolae Cirpala academy international counseling on faith in God, familyrelationships, business startup and happy life psychology. The academy is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Prior to founding his company, Nicolae had served as the director at IRFF Moldova a charityfoundation helping thousands of orphaned children. He served as the director of three organizations headquartered in Chisinau, Moldova helping thousands of volunteers doing community service projects and interns development. He teaches faith, fundraising, marketing, volunteering, team building, peace building, interreligious cooperation, web2, mind management, business startup, personal development and leadership.

Selected bibliography

World on the Way to Perfection, 2017; ISBN 9781537886961

The World in 2020, 2017; ISBN 9781508058236

Happy Modern Homo Sapiens, 2017; ISBN 9781387576326

God’s Global Trends 2017; ISBN 9781387480029

That’s How the Kingdom of Heaven Was Built, 2018; ISBN 9781370593989

Rewrite Own Fate, 2018; ISBN 9781370715169

Global Peace Building 2018 ISBN  9781387985739



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