Happy Modern Homo Sapiens - Book

This Self Development eBook will show you best practices and methods how to manage to live happy every moment of your life!
Happy Modern Homo Sapiens Book
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"Since the beginning of our lives from birth to death, we humans are rushing for happiness. However, how we can attain true happiness on a daily base in our time of crises? Even more interesting is the fact that not only every person is striving every second for happiness in his or her life but also the same is true for every family, country and globally - everybody strives for greater happiness. There are many books, movies, TV programs etc. on this content about happiness, wellness and how to get success in life. In addition, many companies in the wellness industry offer products and services nowadays about. However, almost all of them don’t provide us with vital information about our internal self of being – our human soul. We live with our soul entire life, however our knowledge about it is very vague and it hasn't been studied properly from a scientific or religious perspective. Comparing our soul with our body that we as humans study a lot, human soul is terra incognita. In addition, all our emotions, intellect and will that we relate with each other comes from an unexplored soul, so it is not surprising that all humans have varies problems in misbehavior and relationships at every levels starting from individuals, family to global levels... In this book, we will discuss how anybody can happily proceed to self-discovery and self-perfection. Moreover, we will discuss the main questions in life what is a human soul about and how our soul guides us in a daily routine to true happiness. Many human beings think that souls are eternal, but with that being said why do we care so little about this vital part of ourselves. However even more important we should be looking for solutions to cure daily human misbehavior and mind and body harmony. There are many prime methods to manage and live happy every moment of your lives on this earth and we will discuss the importance of understanding happiness in this book based on real life successful examples. Also we will look at several standard traps at each level of our life and discuss various areas of life and how to pursue happiness and perfection. So let us start this life journey by happily encountering and exploring our soul..."

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Saturday, 29 June 2019
This book help me to live happy and prosperious life
Nicolae Cirpala