That’s How the Kingdom of Heaven Was Built - Book

This book will make you feel how was built the beautiful upcoming world!
Book World on the Way to Perfection by Cirpala Nicolae Read on Google Play, IBooks, Apple, Kobo Bestsellers. DownLoad Humankind on its Final Step to Perfection Book
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"This book I dedicate to God and humankind - to any human being that was living until now, living now and will live in the future. Every human is so precious because being child of God, is God's substantial object partner who manifests a distinctive aspect of God's dual characteristics. Hence, that person is the only one in the entire universe who can stimulate that distinctive aspect of God's nature to bring Him joy. God work with any one of us so beautifully to build Heavenly kingdom nowadays. Yes for now humans still have traces of evil nature inside that push people to do evil actions. Therefore, only people who work on themselves the most to eradicate their evil nature and help others for goodness became saints and only they remain in history as examples for others. Moreover, fortunately in our time God send messiah True Parents to pass to us God’s blessing and show us how to completely get rid of evil nature and do only goodness. Let us now receive God’s blessing, inherit all Messiah teachings, get rid of evil nature and work on self-development continuously to pass to further generations only goodness. God help us unceasing and we also supposed to unite and help each other in this noble cause to get down all barriers of this fallen world between people and finish building the ultimate Heavenly Kingdom..."
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