Evidence of God existence Now

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This book I dedicate to God who is so beautifully guiding me and all humanity. With today’s level of development, the ideal world, the historic dream of humankind, can be built in few years or even a few months, with God’s help. So, what stops humankind to live perfect lives?
We suppose to catch the wave of this current trend that will last by developing personal relationships with God that is the most important in this new century. Since the relationship between God and human beings is that of parent and child, live every life moment with God.
Let us be the best friends with God, so switch on to be connected with God nonstop. Read, hear, and speak about God. Let us listens to God what He really wants to speak to us nowadays personally, what are His suggestions for our families, countries and all His children- whole humankind - the world.
In our time of instant communications share you experiences with God. God created us, but we are also need always to shaping ourselves and restoring our original value.
There are a lot more to write about God but will do it in next books. Sure, you could contact me for counseling about life and God any time at www. ivacademy.net

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