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무료, 태블릿, 전화, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, 영어 다운로드, 예측, 전자 서적, 완전성에 이르기까지저자 답변 삶에 대한 질문 온라인, 무료, 도움 - about : 관계, 가족, 어려운 삶, 반대 성생활, 자녀, 직장, 사회, 비즈니스, 문제, 스트레스, 우울증, 지원, 원조– Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Phone: +79811308385 -
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Despite current common fancy idea that world is accelerating toward destruction all modern trends shows that world is heading toward perfection. This book is a global analysis on today’s everyday human life trends and ways for personal and humankind perfect development.
Humanity is now approaching its final stage towards perfection. Moreover, we see that everybody is working hard to reach perfection. We notice it on all levels: individual, family, society, global. Recently, people are striving toward perfection more than ever. It’s no wonder, because now, thanks to God, there are more possibilities to do it than ever during history.
We see on the news that this tendency toward perfection now takes form in competition toward perfection. These rushes for perfection entertain different forms: from professional, almost perfect global businesses to catastrophic, archaic natured wars on hot spots globally and even through terrorism. Additionally in all media, especially in advertisements, we see perfect skin, perfect health, perfect bodies perfect … and, oh yes, perfect women!
However, what is the real meaning of perfection? In this book, we will try to answer this question analyzing the history and trends of people’s activities.
To make this picture clear, this book will offer some real life examples as well.
The most fundamental questions that people ask are where we came from, where are we are going and why is everybody striving no matter what for perfection, goodness, peace and the Ideal World.
To answer let’s ... Download eBook direct link
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